New Website

As you are reading this, you have ended up on the new website of the Outcasters.

A wordpress based website with links to our Facebook, Steam Group and Teamspeak.

Outcasters are Recruiting

We are a long-standing Planetside Outfit first formed in 2003 for Planetside 1. We reformed in Planetside 2 in 2012 and played through tech test and beta.
We are now looking to build up our strength again and are looking for new recruits for teamplay, kills and general fun.

The type of person we are looking for is a teamplayer, 16 years old or greater (no upper limit) and someone who wants to cooperate to the overall effectiveness of the Empire!

If you are new to the Planetside world that’s no problem, you can simply run with the squad or we can advise and show you the ropes and show you how thing are done in PS2. New players are welcomed.

Teamspeak is mandatory and as far as other requirements from us is concerned that’s about it.